Kathy Griffin’s Boyfriend Randy Hits the Beach

Kathy Griffin is dating a man nearly twenty years younger than she is! Kathy is 51 and her new boyfriend, “a man believed to be named Randy,” is 33 years old. And we thought Jennifer Lopez was pushing it with Casper Smart, but Casper’s only 17 years younger.

Kathy Griffin bikini, Randy Bick

Kathy wore a bikini while Randy wore shorts and a t-shirt?!!!! Griffin has been dating Randy since late last year. The comedienne and Bravo talk show host has described him as “a really nice normal guy with a nice normal job who doesn’t care for the spotlight, and I like it that way and he does too.”

Good for her! It’s not always a good idea for celebrities to date celebrities because they’re both so busy which cuts into time for f*cking which is, like, the only reason to be in a relationship.

Photos: Wenn