Katy Perry Dresses Like a Slutty Cartoon

If you’re an American male of a certain age, Jessica Rabbit probably holds a special place in both your heart and your spank bank. For many of us, the sultry cartoon bunny banger represented the first T & A we were allowed to look at for any length of time, and many of us knew right away that we liked what we saw. The rest of us became musical theatre majors.

Because Katy Perry has basically made a career out of knowing what men like (boobs) she tapped into this childhood memory (I think Freud called it the “boner for cartoon lounge singers phase”) and wore a red sequined gown reminiscent of Mrs. Rabbit for VH1’s “Diva’s Support the Troops” show. For all the bumper stickers and BS about “supporting the troops,” few people really do anything to ease the burden of our men in uniform. Leave it to Katy Perry, possibly the greatest American, to know what it really takes to make our boys overseas forget about the horrors of war for a while (again, boobs).

Katy also wore a couple other outfits during the show. Though less cartoon-inspired, they’re equally slutty, so the pics are below. Nothing says “bring ’em home” quite like latex camouflage. God bless you, boobs Katy Perry!

Katy Perry Performs for the TroopsKaty Perry Supports the Troops