Katy Perry Goth Look at NARM Music Biz Awards: Tragic

Maybe it's her religious upbringing, but Katy Perry still behaves like a repressed teenager. She likes to dye her hair every color of the rainbow and now she's gone Goth! Katy Perry dressed like this at the NARM Music Biz Awards last night. Is she putting in less effort these days because she has a new boyfriend?

Katy Perry looks badKaty Perry Gothic

I'm not gonna lie, whenever Katy looks like sh!t, I take pleasure in it. She's gorgeous and completely picture perfect whenever she has makeup on, but I think she loves to experiment so much that she takes it too far sometimes. The dark lipstick and the heavy eye makeup elongate her face and make her eyes look close together. She's lost weight recently and she shouldn't be wearing black and heavy makeup, at least not until she gets a tan on her pasty skin.

Katy gets blackKaty Perry 2012Katy Perry gothKaty Perry NARM

Photos: Wenn