Katy Perry: Underwear and Short Hair In “Part of Me” Video

Katy Perry‘s new single, “Part of Me,” is a song about the heartbreak of a relationship gone wrong. It’s a topic that Katy certainly relate to these days, so naturally the video features her…wrapping an Ace bandage around her boobs and joining the Marines?

Okay, so the concept is a little strange, but the video is definitely worth watching if only for the scene in which Katy strips down to her underwear and cuts all her hair off in a gas station bathroom. It may be the weirdest military recruitment ad ever, but it’s possible that Katy intentionally made a video that has nothing to do with her real life situation to avoid comparisons.

She’s already denied that the song is about Russell Brand, so this GI Jane version of events might be Katy’s way of reminding us that art doesn’t always imitate life.