Ke$ha Leaked Oral Sex Photos Are Out

I love me some porn, but not when pornographic material involves Ke$ha and some bearded dude who looks kind of hawt.



His beard is throwing me off, so I'm just gonna say that he looks old. Although she can not sing to save her life, I think Ke$ha is one of the most genuine entertainers around, she doesn't just talk the talk, she also bangs on camera.

The other week it was reported that Ke$ha and other pop stars got hacked. Now we've cum across this photo of Ke$ha and a man pretending that they don't know how to kiss with their mouths sealed. Another photo is online that shows this dude going down on Ke$ha. His face is completely pink while doing so, which we assume is because he's slowly losing consciousness. Tasting a b!tch that looks like she showers on the weekends must be tough.

We're not posting or linking to the oral sex picture here, cause this site is kid friendly, well at least that's what I tell my parents.