Kelis Makes Lady Gaga and Amber Rose’s Attire Look Boring

Kelis is going through a crisis because this is not something someone in the right place mentally does to herself. Kelis wore an outfit that looks almost painful and impossible to move or walk around in to the First Annual Data Awards.

Kelis body suit

Amber Rose pretty much wore a bathing suit as an outfit last week, but she would probably be embarrassed for Kelis if she saw this mess. Lady Gaga would possibly find Kelis' ensemble inspiring, but thus far, Gaga and Amber have yet to sink to this low.

I can't even begin to describe this kind of fug, so I'll let The Washington Post via Necole Bitchie do it for me:

I’m not even sure what she’s going for here — costume shop explosion meets farmyard chic? The Statue of Liberty-esque spikes in the hair, the six-foot long mangy braid casually tossed over one shoulder, the pink jumpsuit, the tux top and… It all adds up to blech.

Girl, time for a new milkshake.