Kelis Sex Tape With Infared

When Kelis said that her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, b*tch was being literal!

Kelis allegedly filmed a sex tape with rapper Infared in 2007. Kelis and Nas first met in 2002 and got married in 2005. That means Kelis' brought Infrared to her yard and bush, pun intended, when she was already a wifey.


Some are claiming that Nas wanted to divorce Kelis after he learned of the tape but that the "Bossy" singer got knocked up in a last ditch effort to keep him. Consequently, when Kelis saw that her plan wasn't working, she divorced Nas first to save face.

New York radio host Wendy Williams claimed on her show that she had a copy of explicit footage which shows rapper Infared filming Kelis.

A sleeping Kelis lays in bed while Infrared looks at a camera and provokes Nas who Kelis married in 2005 – saying "Handle your mother f#*king business. I got your b*&ch here, she getting naked." 

Rumored to have taken place in January 2007, the New Yorker claims, "I knew Kelis in the hip-hop world, and from clubbin', hanging out. I heard that (sex tape) rumor. I don't know (if she was married). She wasn't wearing a wedding ring."

This rumor completely sounds like fan fiction to me, but I hope the truth comes out soon. There had to be big drama to cause the seven month preggers diva to file for divorce.

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