Kelly Bensimon Talks Mental Health, Remains Troubled and Delusional

Kelly Bensimon is one of the biggest reality TV train wrecks of all time. What makes this woman so crazy is that she doesn’t have the slightest clue that she’s completely mental, which makes for great TV and confusing interviews.

Kelly Bensimon nervous breakdown

Kelly spoke with about having a “breakthrough” not a breakdown and she still made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

What in the hell was going on with you? “… When someone’s jabbing you constantly, on and off camera, to be honest with you, I’m a real person, and I don’t take this as a reality-TV star person. I go into situations as Kelly Killoren Bensimon, I’m me, I’m the same person I am on the show with you or any of my friends. And these women get a rise out of me.”

Bensimon really doesn’t know why the other women don’t like her. “They’re not happy I’m on the show, they’re just not. They don’t like me. I am myself. I’m very sensitive, and if someone says something very rude to me over and over again, I’m human. Shoot me… And to be honest with you, it’s my job, so I have to deal with it. Think about if you were going into an office every day and your co-workers literally hated you and were trying to get you fired — it’s the same situation. Anything they can do to get me not in the scene or off the show — they’re really going after me.”

And she defends her disparagement of feelings. “And people have been asking me about how I kept saying, ‘feelings, 1979’: I say that because the women are so unpredictable that I’m not going to sit there and empathize with feelings when a minute later they’re going to lash out at me about something else. In some ways, I’m almost too real. I have two girls, we talk about feelings 24 hours a day. But those are real-life feelings.”

But after all that, Bensimon doesn’t really regret her actions. “Some people are like, ‘You had a breakdown,’ and I’m like, no, I had a breakthrough. I just let go, I was crying, just, like, stop harassing… I’m completely honest, I have a ton of integrity, and I love doing this show. The minute that I walk into the room, I create a frenetic energy — it’s not kinetic, it’s not, like, a forward motion, it’s just like this stagnant frenetic energy. And let’s be honest, it makes for awesome TV. I mean, haters are part of the ecosystem, and if they’re not hating on you, you’re not doing something right.”