Kelly Clarkson Fat at Wango Tango Pics

It’s that time again. It’s time for me to mention that Jelly Clarkson’s arms look bigger than my legs and she should cover up those sausages.

Kelly Clarkson has the money to do something about her weight and she continues to gain and she looks gawd awful. She obviously doesn’t care. Some women can carry extra weight and still be gorgeous, other women can not.

I believe that entertainers are like athletes: You are paid to be at your best so that you can perform at your best. Entertainers who’ve attained the level of Kelly’s success have no excuse.

Sue me, b*tches!

Do You Think Kelly Clarkson Should Lose Weight?

Kelly Clarkson Wango Tango 2009Kelly Clarkson in a tank topKelly Clarkson gains even more weight