Khloe Kardashian Gives Marriage Advice

Khloe Kardashian, 27, has been married for all of two years but she’s already giving out marriage advice. Khloe tells OUT magazine that “Keeping one another a priority and having genuine respect for each other is crucial.” Khloe also believes in having strong communication and making decisions together as a couple.

A Khloe Kardashian picture

What’s in that huge purse?!

“Without communication in a relationship, you’re at a stalemate, and that’s no way to live. We make our decisions together as a couple…When you’re married you have to act as a team.”

Khloe says that she and Lamar Odom make their marriage “a priority.”

She adds: “Having the support emotionally and physically from someone that you trust unconditionally is priceless. I’m married to my best friend. We genuinely have fun together.” Mrs. Odom continued: “You can’t force love, but when you let it find you, it’s phenomenal.”

Well I’m happy for Khloe. Folks make fun of her on the blogs, but she does have a good man by her side that she’s in love with. Kim may be cuter, but Khloe one-ups her in the personality and relationship department, which is honestly more important anyway.

Photo: Fame/ Flynet