Kim Kardashian 2011 Twitter Pictures Photo Gallery, Part II

In part 2 of Kim Kardashian‘s Twitpics photo album, we are gifted with dozens more photos from one of the biggest divas of our time. As you could see from Part 1 of Kimmy K’s gallery, Kim hangs out with Justin Bieber, Rick Ross and more. She also goes to Dubai where she puts on Indian garb and pretends to be cultured.

Kim Kardashian Dubai, India

Kim’s album makes no mention of Kris Humphries, natch, but she did post a picture of roses that Lamar Odom sent her mom.

Kim rarely posted photos of her siblings, but she did have quite a few of Mason Dash Disick. I went through all 50 photos and posted the best ones for you here. Apparently the reality TV star’s vanity post won’t have a ‘Part 3.’ Kim has already posted photos from January – December of this year. Cheers!

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