Kim Kardashian Dealing With A Hairy Situation

Pregnancy hormones will make your body do crazy things and Kim Kardashian totally freaking out about it. Kim’s pregnancy has triggered regrowth of all the hair she’d removed through laser treatments. And, since she’s pregnant and can’t get the treatments done to get rid of the unsightly hair she’s been forced to wax.

Kim Kardashian 2013 Instagram pic

The reality TV star is used to looking her best at all times, so the reappearance of hair is probably driving her crazy.

Really, how bad can it be? But, I guess if she’s freaking out this much it must be pretty bad. Kim has already scheduled appointments to get the hair removed after she gives birth.

Hopefully, we can catch a glimpse of her in all her hairy glory before she gives birth, I’d love to see how bad it actually gets. But, I’m sure she’s freaking out about nothing.