Kim Kardashian Didn’t Donate $325k Wedding Gift

Kris Humphries is on a mission to give Kim Kardashian what she deserves and he wants a divorce trial “so that the truth can finally come out.” Among the truths that The Hump hopes to expose is the $325,000 luxury item Kimmy K received as a wedding gift from a wealthy Malaysian businessman. Kim did not factor the gift into the amount she donated to charity that was made for the amount of her wedding gifts.


A source reveals: “Kris was at Kim’s house when the very gift was delivered — it was given to both of them but Kim has kept sole ownership of the gift and has used it extensively. She will be asked about it, under oath, on the stand at the trial.”

The total of Kim’s wedding gifts was around $400k, not including the $325k luxury item. Kim put the value of her presents at $100k. Kim and Kris received more than $700k in total in wedding presents. Kim should have donated much more than the $200k she claims she has.

“Kris’ attorneys also plan on calling the Malaysian gift giver as a witness because Kim has denied that they received the $325k gift and said instead that he gave them a vase valued at around $200.  Kris has proof that the businessman gave them the over the top gift.”

Game on bitches!