Kim Kardashian Has More Twitter Followers Than Barack Obama

Kim Kardashian has 8 million “Likes” on Facebook and 14 million followers on Twitter. To put that number into perspective, Kimmy K has surpassed the friggin’ President of the United States, the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and more! When Kim hit 14 million, she Tweeted: ‘OMG 14 million! I can’t believe it! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!’ The amateur porn star then thanked her fans the only way she knows how, by posting a series of pictures of herself.

Kim Kardashian new faceKim Kardashian Vegas event

Kim’s nose looks thin and her face looks longer. Did she get more work done?!

Kim now has the 7th largest number of followers on Twitter. The top 6 celebrities are Lady Gaga with over 20 million, Justin Bieber with over 18 million, Katy Perry has 16 million, Rihanna and Shakira have around 15, and Britney Spears is in 6th place, cause she doesn’t post her own tweets and her managements messages are stoopid. And just in case you were wondering, Barack has over 13 million followers.

Anyone surprised? Kim doesn’t appeal to the same demo or psychographic as Barack Obama. People who care about politics don’t care about what color nail polish Kimmy K is wearing, and people who care about Kim probably aren’t even old enough to vote. Each celebrity is going to attract a different crowd. Now if Barack starts posting pics of Michelle Obama’s breasts, like Kim does every few hours, he’ll surpass the most famous Kardashian in less than 24 hours.

Photos: Fame/ Flynet