Kim Kardashian Hits 8 Million Facebook “Likes,” Thanks Fans

Kim Kardashian may have quite a few haters out there, but if Facebook is any indication, she has just as many fans. The somehow celebrity reached 8 million “likes” on the networking site yesterday, and she thanked her many “friends” in typically narcissistic fashion by blessing them with a photo of herself.


Kim posted the above Instagram shot (which looks casual, but probably required 37 takes) along with the caption “OMG I just noticed that I passed 8 million ‘Likes’ on Facebook!! So crazy! Thank you all so much for your support!! I love you guys!! Xo” As of today, about 8,000 people have given that post a virtual xlarge_ps up. Really, people?!

Eight million likes may sound impressive, but if Facebook were a high school cafeteria, Kim would still be a long way from the cool kids table. Eminem is currently winning the world’s largest popularity contest with about 54 million likes, while Lady Gaga follows close behind with 48 million. Kim’s gonna have to have a lot of weddings to gain that kind of notice.