Kim Kardashian Honeymoon Photos Sell For $200k

There is nothing that Kim Kardashian won’t sell in order to turn a profit, so the 30 year-old reality TV star would never go on a honeymoon without cameras nearby. Kim and Kris Humphries had a staged honeymoon photoshoot which Us Weekly bought the rights to for $200,000.

Kim Kardashian honeymoon picture

I’m starting to think that print publications want to front like they have more disposable income than they do just to fool customers into thinking that their businesses are thriving. People magazine spent way too much on Kimmy’s wedding photos. I doubt the magazine will even break even from sales!

Kim and Kristopher stayed at the $3,300/ night five-star Hotel Santa Caterina along Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Kim said that she and Kris were planning to take a honeymoon next summer “but Kris surprised me last minute!”

Gossip loudmouth Rob Shuter put Kimmy’s hustle on blast, tweeting: “I love @KimKardashian! She sold exclusive pics from her honeymoon to @usweekly for $200,000 #Genuis. What will a baby exclusive be worth.” 

Us Weekly has a multi-page spread of Kim and Kris in Italy walking around, showing some PDA, and swimming together. My favorite photo is one where Kim is wearing a white bikini bottom that says “Mrs. Humphries,” which she reportedly surprised her husband with.

The more she overexposes herself, the quicker her 15 minutes will dry up. Keep it up Kimberly.

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