Kim Kardashian: “I Only Date Sexy Guys”

When Kim Kardashian was on the Tyra Banks Show and Tyra asked her if she only likes black men, she denied it. However, her track history, spanning all the way back to her first marriage, suggests otherwise.

Kim kardashian men

Ray-J and Nick Cannon are sexy? This is news to my eyes.

Kim has found a clever new way to describe the black athletes the kind of men she dates. Kimmy claims that she goes for sexy guys only. Kim says, “As long as you’re in shape and have a good body, I’m interested. I love to work out so I think that’s why I have dated athletes in the past. I just like that look in a guy.”

I can’t hate. Kim’s body is a work of art and I can’t stand women who downgrade with their partners or men who date fugly chicks! The proof of Kim’s hotness is below. Here are some pics of Kim at Katsuya restaurant in LA the other day! She looks really good when she pulls her hair back.