Kim Kardashian May Testify, Still Prefers an Annulment

Kim Kardashian has an alliance with TMZ, People magazine and Us Weekly, because Kris Jenner is so obsessive and controlling. I say this because all of those outlets only post favorable Kardashian stories. It’s obvious that Kris has cut a deal!

Kimmy K

TMZ gravitates towards publishing stories that make Kris Humphries look like an a-hole, while putting blog post after blog post up and Kim’s famous ghetto booty.

Kim’s pit bull lawyer Laura Wasser alleges that Kris wants a divorce solely because he enjoys all of the media attention that he’s receiving. This is bullsh!t because Kris shuns the spotlight while Kim Tweets incessantly and films her romantic dates for public consumption.

The judge says that depositions are now fair game! Kim may be questioned about her motivations for marrying Kris! Meanwhile Kim’s requesting that Kris pay her attorney’s fees if they have to go to trial on Kris’ fraud allegations and she wins. There’s also a dispute over jewelry, which may or may not involve the $325k gift Kim received.

Kim has like 10x as much money as Kris yet she wants him to pay her lawyer fees? Wow! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kris ain’t no pushover and considering all of the bad publicity he has brought upon Kim by not because he chose to fight back, this is a win-win for The Hump!