Kim Kardashian: One Wedding Dress Isn’t Enough, She’s Getting Two Vera Wang Gowns!

Kim Kardashian must think that her wedding is as important as Kate Middleton’s. She’s intent on keeping all her dress details under total wraps–and she won’t be satisfied with just one.

Kim Kardashian Sunglasses

The reality TV star is having Vera Wang design her wedding attire, and she made all the staff sign confidentiality agreements. This sounds extreme, but she’ll make mad bank when she sells her wedding photos for the first time, so I guess I can understand her money-protecting paranoia.

Still, we’re not dress-detail-less. Her all-natural @ss just ain’t satisfied with one wedding gown. Apparently, it’s so large and in charge, it needs two! According to the New York Post, Kim has already met with Vera in New York  to discuss the dress designs and will be meeting with the designer again in L.A.

Psh, this will only be exciting if the dresses are so different that it’s like a Beyonce/Sasha Fierce situation. I know she’s going to have a Klassy Kim wedding gown, so I’m hoping that the other one is Slutty Kim. That I would actually care about. I mean, you might as well show your personality when you get married, right?

Photo: WENN