Kim Kardashian Responds To The Kim Kardashian Supserstar Sex Tape To Be Released

Joy A's "How To Become A Hollywood Whore 101" course. Lessons completed by Kim Kardashian:

Background info

Kim Kardashian blonde hair

Talent – unknown and/or non-existent
Best friend Parisite Hilton
Lucky DNA – daughter of one of O.J. Simpson's attorneys.

Kim Kardashian's response to her sex tape (mandatory denial)

"A tape does exist… Ray J and I are friends, whatever we did was our personal business…I hope that it remains private."

But the truth is

TMZ is reporting that Kim and Ray J have agreed on monetary compensation and they're on board for the release of their tape:


Vivid Entertainment will announce this morning, according to, that they have obtained the tape and have come to an agreement with the parties involved to market and sell the videotape.

As TMZ first reported, the tape, made by Kim's ex-boyfriend Ray J (brother of Brandy), features certain explicit raunchy activities.

When her DVD will become available
The NY Post reported that Kim's DVD will be titled "Kim Kardashian Superstar" and available in stores by Feb. 28.

Why this tape will be "successful" –
Kim's hot. Pretty much has a flawless body. No one will watch this tape to see Ray J, good Lord.

What the future holds (prediction) –

Kim will get a bunch of dumb gigs. Possibly hosting, making appearances, but she better hold onto Parisite's beak nose for dear life. Once Parisite stops allowing her to tag along, no one will care about her and her massive badonkadonk.