Kim Kardashian to Joel McHale: Stop Making Fun Of My Sex Tape!

For years, Joel McHale has peacefully co-existed on the same network as Kim Kardashian, despite the fact that he’s basically made a career of pointing out how ridiculous and awful Kim and her family truly are. But now, it seems Kim has had enough. She’s reportedly asked the network to stop Joel from making jokes about her infamous sex tape.

Joel McHale PhotoKim Kardashian Serious Photo

In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, McHale revealed that the Kardashian family has made every effort to shut him up, with Kris Jenner, in particular, trying her to damnndest to keep The Soup host from reminding the world that her daughter is basically the world’s highest-paid porn star. “I bring up the thing that made Kim famous, which is the sex tape with Ray J,” McHale said. “Kim’s mom would call E! much like an old lady neighbour going like, ‘Your son’s baseball landed in my window again”

He went on to say that as a result of the Kardashian komplaints, network heads “don’t like when we bring up [the tape].” Sadly, the various Kardashian shows tend to beat out The Soup in terms of ratings – which are like oxygen to TV execs – so Kim and her family likely carry a lot of clout at the network. It’s one thing for these morons to shamelessly whore themselves out in a desperate bid to avoid real jobs, but if they manage to get Joel McHale fired, I say we rise up as a nation and force them to move to Afghanistan. Or Minnesota. Whatever Kim would hate more.

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