Kris Humphries Has Proof Kim Kardashian Cheated On Him?

Kim Kardashian‘s entire public persona is based on a series of lies and pretenses. She’s always one loudmouthed insider away from being exposed as the fraud that she is, and it’s beginning to look like the jig is up.

Kim Kardashian Cheated on Kris Humphries?

What Kim didn’t consider when she ended her sham marriage to Kris Humphries is that divorce leads to court and unlike a tabloid reporter, it’s illegal to lie to a judge. According to the new issue of Life & Style, Kris’ lawyers are reportedly planning to subpoena Kim, her family, and the producers of her reality shows in an effort to prove that the shows are scripted, and the family basically lies for a living.

An insider close to the case says, “Once a subpoena is granted, it opens the floodgates for all types of evidence: emails, text messages, phone calls and more,” adding that the new information will “prove a lot of things, like series setups, staged events and scripts.” As for whether or not one of those revelations will be that Kim slept around on Kris remains to be seen, but the court drama should be ten times better than anything on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.