Kris Humphries Wanted Kids “Right Away”

Like everything Kim Kardashian is involved with these days, last night’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York was designed to make Kris Humphries look like a jerk. Unfortunately, the plan backfired. The cameras showed Kris, like, totally pressuring Kim into having kids, after, of course, she talked him into starting a family and then abruptly changed her mind for no reason.

Kris Humphries Thinks Hard Photo

After telling everyone who would listen that she’s decided to stop her birth control and “see what happens naturally” and talking her reluctant husband into having kids immediately despite having been married for a matter of weeks, Kim experienced a change of heart when her friend informed her that having children involves work. In the interest of sparing Kris’ ego, she withheld the news from him, all the while letting him get more excited about the prospect of starting a family and telling everyone around Kris that there’s no way she’s going off the pill.

If any of Kim’s “fans” are actually still on her side after seeing how she picked this unassuming pro athlete off the bench, thrust him into the spotlight and then tossed him aside when he couldn’t help her score ratings anymore, than they’ll apparently put up with anything. The only reason she continues to get away manufacturing drama for ratings is that she assumes the people who watch her show are as dumb as her ex-husband. Let’s all prove her wrong by not watching next week, mmmkay?

(Photo: WENN)