Kristen Stewart to Paparazzi: “Freeze to Death!”

Kristen Stewart isn’t big on displays of emotion – in real life or in her acting – so it’s a shock and a pleasure to see her snap out of her sullen cyborg routine and actually show some feeling in public, especially when she’s wishing death on people!

The above clip shows Kristen walking around Paris, interacting with fans, and acting far less b!tchy than her reputation would lead us to expect. That is, until some overzealous paparazzi get on her bad side.

“Are you cold?” Kristen asks one obnoxious cameraman. I like to think he believed he was genuinely concerned, until she added, “Freeze to death! Freeze to death!” Burned by K-Stew. The ultimate insult.

As for the fans, they loved this glimpse of Kristen’s human side, laughing at her death wish and shouting, “You rock, Kristen!” If only she could summon this kind of emotion when she’s battling vampires and werewolves instead of pushy French dudes.