Kristen Stewart Wears Robert Pattinson’s Clothes

This is the second time Kristen Stewart has been spotted wearing her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson's clothes in the wake of her Rupert Sanders cheating scandal. Kristen surfaced at LAX yesterday wearing Edward Cullen's t-shirt.


KStew also wore Robert's baseball cap while she drove around picking out a makeout spot to get it in with Rupert Sanders.

We should cut Kristen some slack already. She's been vilified, she's depressed, and she's never been into brushing her hair or taking a shower. We're giving her too much credit here. I don't think she's trying to send Rob any message; she's just lazy.

Wearing your ex-boyfriend's clothes isn't a good way to get him back. I have tips that fail every time I could give you, but I'd have to charge.