Lady Gaga: Boobs Flashed In Awesome Home Videos

Most of the time, when a famous chick is caught showing off her rack in a private video gone public, it's the stuff of shameful scandal, but Lady Gaga is not your typical celeb. The Gaga apparently flashes her t!ts as part of her annual Christmas celebration and she has no problem giving her Little Monsters a front row view of the festivities.



Stefani decided to share some candid video clips with her fans recently and for the most part the footage is pretty innocent: Gaga with her godson, Gaga rehearsing for her tour, Gaga…holy hell look at them boobies!

It all goes down around the 1:20 mark if you're interested in that sort of thing, but just know that the toddler footage is weirdly worth watching. Kid wants nothing to do with her a*s! Those parents have a died-in-the-wool hetero on their hands.