Lady Gaga Crotch Shots From The Brit Awards

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and Lady Gaga is from another frickin’ planet that hasn’t even been discovered yet. You’ve gotta have a special kind of confidence in yourself to put on the insane outfits she wears and let your crotch hang out.

Lady Gaga Outfit At Brit Awards

This half outfit she chose to wear during her performance at the Brit awards succeeded in only covering half of her crotch. And it just so happens that Oops! she forgot to wear a thong underneath. There’s not really any room for a thong in this outfit, but she took a serious chance of letting her naughty spot peek out and it did. Firecracker also posted video of her Brit awards performance earlier this week.

You can check out all of Lady Gaga’s Brit awards vagina pics here.

Lady Gaga Brit Awards Performance PhotoLady Gaga Bare Butt PictureLady Gaga Crotch Shot Photo

Lady Gaga Brit Awards OutfitLady Gaga Half Nude Brit Awards OutfitLady Gaga Butt Photo