Lady Gaga “Has Begun to Cherish” Her Loneliness

Lady Gaga recently split with her boyfriend of nearly one year, actor Taylor Kinney, and she explains that she’s used to being single. Gaga’s episode of The Conversation aired yesterday on Lifetime and Mother Monster explains how she was a depressed teenager who gravitated toward drugs.

Lady Gaga on The Conversation

Gaga was “very depressed when I was 19. I decided to pursue music, so I dropped out of school and I told my parents I didn’t want any money from them. I got three jobs and I just hit the ground running.”

Gaga said that her apartment was lonely and she would leave her television on “all the time just to feel like somebody was hanging out with me.”

She also talked about her drug use.

“And especially during the period when I was doing cocaine. It was like the drug was my friend. I never did it with other people. It’s such a terrible way to fill that void, because it just adds to that void, because it’s not real.”

Gaga tends to make her drug use sound casual and somewhat harmless, but she also added that there is a “romanticism around drugs” with aspiring artists, “when really, you’re just a f-cking loser.”