Lady Gaga Pierced Vagina Photo Surfaces

Lady Gaga was dressed up like a devil for her photo shoot with Vanity Fair magazine when she had a one of a kind wardrobe malfunction. Gaga was wearing a tight dress that had a slit that went all the way up to her crotch. The Gaga wasn’t wearing any underwear that day, so photographers were able to get a shot of her snatch within like the .02 seconds that it was revealed.

lady gaga nyc 2 130911

OK magazine reports: While running around NYC, Mother Monster suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction, debuting her vagina piercing to the snap-happy photographers… The slit of her red dress moved from one side to the center of her body.

Although Gaga gets naked every other day, I don’t think she wants the world to see her lady canal. I think anyone could have revealed a crotch shot in what she was wearing. Her dress was tight. How was she to know that her slit would slide over to her cooter?