Lady Gaga to Dump Taylor Kinney For Luc Carl?

Sadly we saw this one coming. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney seemed like a good couple, but the Gaga can’t get over her d-bag ex Luc Carl and now it seems she’s ending things with the Vampire Diaries actor in order to get back with the drunken famewhore, Luc.

Lady Gaga: Back With Luc Carl?

Star magazine reports that things have been “cooling off” between Gaga and Taylor and the Mother Monster has been spending an a lot of time with Luc. We predicted this when Gaga began plugging Luc’s retarded-sounding book on Twitter.

“They never really gave up on each other: they’ve been talking a lot lately,” says a source, adding that Gaga is “impressed by how ambitious he’s become since they split a year ago.” Yeah, it takes a lot of ambition to cash in on your ex-girlfriend’s fame so you can teach the world how to be a skinny alcoholic. No wonder she dumped the dude with a real job who doesn’t look like an 80s hairband nightmare.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)