Leah Messer Is Dating Her Old Boyfriend Robbie Kidd

Leah Messer’s relationship with her baby daddy, Corey Simms, is totally shot, but that doesn’t mean she can’t boomerang back to her another ex-boyfriend! The Teen Mom is apparently resuming a relationship with her pre-Corey BF, Robbie Kidd, and a source claims the two have been “secretly dating for months.”

Leah Messer Bikini Picture

According to Us Weekly, they’ve been spending time together in the aftermath of Leah and Corey’s divorce, but they’re not ready to call each other boyfriend/girlfriend yet. Robbie says, “We hung out once and we’ve been talking. I don’t know if we’ll get back together.”

Oh, the drama! The intrigue! Will they get together? Will they not get together? It’s just like being back in high school all over again, except with diapers and babies and stretch marks. But I really hope Leah’s not jumping back into familiar territory just because she can. The girl only broke up with her husband two months ago–and just because he’s been whoring around and spreading his semen doesn’t mean she needs to follow his example.