LeAnn Rimes Ate Something, Proves It on Twitter

Narcissist homewrecker and eating disorder queen, LeAnn Rimes continues to give hourly Twitter updates on what she’s eating and how many ribs are sticking outta her body.

LeAnn Rimes Curves photo

Most recently, LeAnn posted new pictures of her “curves” and she also gave us details on what she had planned to eat.

LeAnn Rimes booty picture

“CURVES….They are there LOL. Beach Bum…”

“SUSHI tonight……YUM…my heaven.” She also added that she needs “ice cream and drumsticks!”

LeAnn’s psycho, insecure, and she’s gaining weight back?! This territorial chick is really gonna be all up on Eddie Cibrian now! LeAnn, now that you’ve clearly had some food, we don’t care about seeing your ugly a*s in a bikini, boo. Or at least please don’t turn around while posing.