LeAnn Rimes is a Bikini Model for Mikoh Swimwear

Forget her bony body, LeAnn Rimes looks like a friggin’ mouse! She’s ugly, there’s nothing special about her, and she doesn’t own a pair of hips, which I think every woman should (although not all of ’em do). Then there’s her tits. Her breasts look estranged. Implants need to stick together!

LeAnn Rimes isn't sexy

Rimes is apparently a Mikoh Swimwear fan and every bikini Twitpic that she’s posted has been a bikini from Mikoh Swimwear. The company had her put on one of its creations and “model” for the website.

It’s interesting to see that LeAnn has put weight back on nearly as quickly as she took it off. I hope she doesn’t suddenly begin vomitting when she figures out that what Mila Kunis said clearly doesn’t apply to everyone.

LeAnn Rimes bikini and hatLeAnn Rimes Mikoh bikini pictureLeAnn Rimes at the beach