Lee D’Avanzo: Drita D’Avanzo’s Husband is a Possible Mob Leader

Lee D’avanzo is considered by the feds to be a leader of a Bonanno and Colombo family farm team. Lee, the husband of Drita D’Avanzo of Vh1’s Mob Wives, was first arrested for “carrying out a string of drug deals and bank robberies dating to the 1980s,” according to a 2001 New York Daily news article.

Drita D'Avanzo's daughters picture

Lee D’Avanzo’s daughters: Aleeya and Gizelle

His crimes were committed “up and down the East Coast.” Ironically, Lee’s father, Lewis D’Avanzo, is Mayor Guilliani’s cousin! Lewis was killed by the FBI in 1977.

Renee Graziano‘s father is expected to be #3 in the Bonanno crime family.

Drita is in deep. Lee is lying to her about how long he is supposed to be locked up. And if he is in charge of as much crime as he’s alleged to be, we don’t think he’ll turn a new leaf when he’s released from jail in “2, 3, 4” more years.


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