Levi Johnston: Feud With Sarah Palin Still Going Strong

Levi Johnston is taking jabs and throwing elbows at Sarah Palin through the media. He was on CBS’ The Early Show this morning and suggested he could say things about Sarah that could get her “in trouble and could hurt her.” Levi also said Sarah had referred to her son Trig, who has Downs syndrome, as retarded.

Sarah Palin & Levi Johnston Photo

“I’m not gonna go that far. You know, I mean, if I really wanted to hurt her, I could very easily. But there’s – I’m not gonna do it.”

Sarah Palin released a statement in response to Levi’s accusations:

“We, like many, are appalled at the inflammatory statements being made or implied. Trig is our ‘blessed little angel’ who knows it and is lovingly called that every day of his life. Those who would sell their body for money reflect a desperate need for attention and are likely to say and do anything for even more attention.”

Why even respond to some snobby little 19 year-old boy who is whoring himself and his penis out for attention? All of this b*tching and moaning about each other in the media makes them both look ridiculous.

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