Lil Twist Forces Justin Bieber ‘Fan’ to Delete Cell Phone Photo

Someone snapped a picture of Justin Bieber yesterday after he and a few friends went shopping at Best Buy. Bieber posed for pictures with a few fans and employees. It was first reported that Justin's bodyguard threatened a man and made him delete his picture.


Lil Twist has been blamed for the Bieber smoking weed and sizzurp scandals.

“Justin asked people not to take photos without asking and said he would pose with anyone who wanted a pic." One person ignored Justin’s request and snapped a photo of the star – and that’s when the trouble began, Radar reports.

Justin's bodyguard didn't intervene, it was actually Lil Twist who went after someone.

“He tried defending Justin and got in the guy’s face and tried to take his phone. The guy tried to get away and Twist went after him. Witnesses were appalled at what was happening. Twist created a scene,” said the observer.

After the man deleted his picture, Twist reportedly "calmed down."

Now I know this story is supposed to make me think badly of Lil Twist, but it makes me think the exact opposite. It's good to have people in your corner who will put the brass knuckles on and get down in they don't need to.