Lindsay Lohan “Could Hardly Stand” After Night of Partying

Lindsay Lohan is one of America’s greatest trainwrecks and it looks like she’s not getting any better. After a night partying it up in Hollywood, she ended up in tears, screaming, and “barely able to walk.”

The troubled star–who’s been slacking off her community service, psychological counseling, and shoplifting courses that are part of her probation–started the night out at Chateau Marmont, and then headed to a birthday celebration for actor Michael Donegar at the Palihouse Hotel.

Lohan walk of shame

Lindsay ordered two martinis from the waitress, claiming that they were for a friend. When the drinks arrived, she took a big gulp out of one of them and did a shot of vodka about 10 minutes later.

The night didn’t get any better, and she ended up all alone, with only the manager to escort her to her car. “By 2 am, she could barely stand. She was trying to stabilize herself on the chairs. Then she made it over to the curtains and hung on them.”

The manager saw Lindsay’s drunken @ss and he helped her stand up. Lohan was nice to the manager and told him that her friends had left her. “Then she picked up her phone and started screaming Why did everyone leave me? Where are you?’”

As details of Amy Winehouse’s death will surely be revealed over the coming weeks, I’m sure there will probably be more than a few comparisons to LiLo. But hopefully, in the end, Lindsay’s story will be different and she’ll get the help and support that she so obviously needs.

Photo: Fame