Lindsay Lohan: Fight Could Land Her Back On Probation

Well, that didn’t take long. Lindsay Lohan has been off probation for about two weeks, but it seems she’s already landed herself back in trouble with the law.

Lindsay Lohan Court Photo

Linds has been accused of fighting a woman in an LA club after the two argued over a mutual male acquaintance. Naturally, Lindsay’s rep denies she was involved in any wrongdoing, saying the accuser is just “someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame.”

According to Lindsay, not only was she not punching chicks out, she wasn’t even in the club at that time. LiLo swears she was at home watching Homeland on the night in question. Uh-huh. Now we know she’s lying. I might believe that Lindsay walked away from a fight, but I’ll never believe she kept her @ss out of the club for a night.
(Photo: WENN)