Lindsay Lohan: Now Stalking Samantha Ronson

What’s a former (and possibly current) crackhead supposed to do?

Lindsay Lohan jumps from addiction to addiction and when cigarettes, Redbull, hair salons and solitude aren’t cutting it for her, it’s time to make dick trips! Minus the penis, I just like saying ‘dick trips.’ 

Lindsay Lohan Driving Photo

Linds has scheduled photo shoots and club appearances in London for the same dates that Samantha Ronson will be in town. How clever. However, last night Sam and her brother Mark were at Bungalow 8 when LiLo showed up with her friends. SamRo immediately left. After leaving, Lindsay followed Samantha down the street.

Samantha dumped Linds in April but Linds has been seen leaving SamRo’s house a few times. Someone needs to change her locks again. When your pussy is a crazy bitch’s drug, what are you supposed to do? Wear a public wig and send out a camera phone pic titled ‘BEWARE!’ Sam should try it.