Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures?

Lindsay Lohan used to be hot, and then she began plumping her lips up with collagen. Now she has taken things too far. When asked if he believes Lohan has had plastic surgery, celebrity Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn says “Unfortunately it looks like it.” Ouch!

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Anthony said: She appears to have a classic over-plumped pillow face. Her cheeks look like she’s storing nuts for the winter.” He believes that Lindsay’s new look is the result of “multiple injections of filler like Sculptra or Restylane.”

DAYUM! Well at least he didn’t stay that she’s storing tiny little bags of coke for the winter, which she probably is.

The surgeon said that these injection treatments can give people “a very youthful, natural” look, but if you overdo it, you’ll look like “a Cabbage Patch doll.”