Lindsay Lohan: Playboy Issue Selling Out Across the Country

Go Lindsay Lohan! People still want to see her nekkid, if even they don’t want to watch her act or listen to her sing. That’s saying something. The starlet’s Marilyn Monroe-inspired Playboy shoot has sparked a lot of controversy, but it’s only led to good things for Playboy. (It probably helps that she looks hot for a change and not like her normal version of crack addict chic.)

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photo

According to TMZ, newsstands in major cities, including New York and L.A. have had to re-order the issue over and over again, and even smaller cities that normally don’t request more issues have been re-ordering copies as well. LiLo’s issue has not only been selling out all across the country, but is also the reason for a substantial increase in subscriptions.

Who knew that Lindsay Lohan would help horny bastards step away from their internet porn for a little bit and pay for a Playboy subscription? If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.