Lindsay Lohan: Playboy Photos Disappointing, Need to be Re-Done

It’s been a rough week for Lindsay Lohan. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail on Wednesday and today, insult was added to injury, as Playboy execs are reportedly unhappy with the nude pictures she took for an upcoming issue, and they’ve demanded another photo shoot.

Lindsay Lohan Flirty Photo

“The first pictures of Lindsay weren’t exactly what they wanted so they have a new theme that they want to shoot,” said a source close to Hef and company. “There is never a guarantee that everyone will like the photos or that they will be of high enough quality to use for the cover.” Wow. Imagine the sh!t-fit Lindsay will throw if she doesn’t make the cover.

The upside for Linds is that the re-shoot may be the reason that the start of her jail sentence has been delayed. So you can put off getting locked up if you just take fugly enough nude photos? I’m not sure what that says about our legal system.

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