Lindsay Lohan Still Needs a Bra

Lindsay Lohan showed up to court this week for a progress report on her probation and she got a positive review. She’s finally doing what she’s supposed to and the judge was impressed. While Linds is impressing the judge by fulfilling her court mandated obligations, her look is far from impressive.


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Women spend a lot of money every day to have boobs like LiLo has and all she wants to do with hers is have ’em smackin’ around everywhere when she doesn’t wear a bra.

Now I go out in public sometimes without wearing a bra and it’s something someone my size should never ever do under any circumstances, but I know that the paparazzi aren’t waiting for me at my local 7 Eleven. That’s where I run into my high school crush who wants to catch up while I’m looking like sh!t. It’s actually like the only time I ever run into folks is when I’m not wearing a friggin’ bra… Ya, I think the paparazzi would be less embarrassing! I understand why LiLo does it.

Photos: Fame/ Flynet