Lindsay Lohan Sues Pitbull and Ne-Yo

If only Lindsay Lohan had a job and wasn’t in alleged serious financial trouble, maybe she would stop suing people. Last year Lindsay sued E*TRADE for “$100 million” over a Super Bowl commercial, and this year she’s suing over an accurate rap lyric that isn’t even derogatory. If celebs went by Lindsay’s standards, every rapper would be sued by every celeb for pretty much every one of their songs and all gossip bloggers would be out of a job.

Lohan smokes

Lindz is suing rapper Pitbull for a line in his addictive track “Give Me Everything.” Lohan doesn’t like the line: Hustlers move aside, so I’m tiptoein’, to keep flowin’/ I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan claims that “the lyrics, by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff.”

I am officially done with Linds. This song has been out since March of this year and now this drunken b!tch wants to waltz in and hijack the royalties?!

The delusional crackhead is claiming that she is “a professional actor of good repute and standing in the Screen Actors Guild.” Lindsay alleges the appearance of her name in the song “causes [Lindsay] to be associated and identified in connection with defendants.”

LiLo’s lawyer wants to block the defendants from broadcasting the song. Lohan’s lawyer Stephanie also filed the E*TRADE lawsuit, which Lindsay settled for a confidential chunk of money. I hope Lindsay knows that no one will mention her a*s anymore in any thing and she’ll lose all opportunities to work the system and milk people who make more money than she does.

Photo: Pacific Coast News