Lindsay Lohan Wants to Meet Chris Brown

While Jay-Z may have been unmoved by Chris Brown’s VMAs performance, Lindsay Lohan (who, of course, was not invited to the show) was apparently thoroughly impressed. So impressed, in fact, that she’s willing to take a punch or two just to have Chris do some poppin’ and lockin’ in her bedroom. OK, I’m speculating on that last part.

Chris Brown on Today

“@ChrisBrown wanna meet?” Lindsay Tweeted during the show. Sadly, it wasn’t her only Tweet of the night devoted to Chris, who can apparently sense Linds’ desperation, as he has yet to respond.

While he’s certainly made some awful mistakes in the past, Chris Brown isn’t dumb enough to associate with Lindsay Lohan in any way. He’s been trying for years to re-build his public image and getting involved with an out-of-work ex-con would be certain career suicide. That said, a Chris and Lindsay relationship would be tabloid gold and might even be enough to distract people from their awful pasts.

Plus, when Linds gets good and liquored up, she might be a decent match for Chris in a fight. Just sayin’.

(Photos: WENN)