Lorene Scafaria and Ashton Kutcher: New Couple Alert?

Lea Michele out, Lorene Scafaria in? Ashton Kutcher spent Christmas in Italy and he Tweeted some photographic evidence of his trip. Kutcher was with Lorene, a screenwriter, and one of his Katalyst business partners when he posted the photo below on Twitter.

Ashton Kutcher, Lorene Scafaria

Roman holiday with homies…have an amazing new year!

Ashton said that he’s going to have other folks take over his Twitter account, but he just can’t resist! It’s insane that two people of the opposite sex can’t hang out together in Hollywood without bloggers like myself claiming that they’re dating! Well, I don’t think that this is Ashton’s new chick, but they’ve probably had relations. How many women do you know that could resist him?