Luc Carl and Lady Gaga Are “Soulmates,” Can’t Wait to Get Married

Though she’s been quiet on the subject herself, Lady Gaga’s friends can’t STFU about her relationship with Luc Carl. By all accounts, Luc is a first-class douche who treated Gaga like crap before she became famous, but according to anonymous sources (love those guys) close to the couple, Luc and Lady are closer than ever, and have even been discussing marriage and parenthood.

Lady Gaga May Be Getting Married

“Luc is so respectful and sees Gaga as his soulmate, not just a lover,” said a friend who (Surprise!) declined to be identified. “He knows she’s The One and can’t wait to settle down and have kids with her. As a couple it’s the second-time around for these two. It was a largely physical attraction before, but now they’re completely absorbed in one another, physically and emotionally. So they want to prove their commitment by getting married.”

I don’t know what’s harder to believe, that someone could be physically attracted to Gaga or that Luc is in this thing for anything other than the cash and fame. Luc obviously did a number on Gaga before she blew up, and since all the money in the world can’t buy you self-esteem, he still has her wrapped around his finger. Steffani better just make sure she has a damn good pre-nup before she walks down the aisle. Luc probably just sees a dollar sign in 16-inch platforms every time he looks at her.

(Photo via WENN)