Macaulay Culkin: Skinny, Sickly, Scary Picture Surfaces

A photo of a very thin, sickly looking Macaulay Culkin went viral today. Macaulay was photographed while roaming the street in New York, looking like he hadn’t eaten since last year. Fans were worried for the former child star’s health, and rightfully so.

Macaulay Culkin photo

But Culkin’s rep tells Entertainment Tonight: “Macaulay Culkin is in perfectly good health. For media to speculate otherwise is thoughtless, irresponsible and destructive.”

I agree with Macaulay’s rep. It’s silly to be all like ‘This is because he and Mila Kunis broke up last year’ and etc. like some people are saying. At least Macaulay will be reminded that many people care about his well being. To see why so many fans were shocked, click HERE!