Maci Bookout and Kyle King Are Back Together!

Maci Bookout had her own sh!t to deal with this season from working out custody with Bentley’s father Ryan, to trying to keep her relationship with her new beau Kyle King.

Maci says Bentley’s getting to the age where he can understand that she and Ryan are no longer together and when they meet up to do the kid hand-off, Ryan is ‘standoffish’. She says it hurts but it’s better than knowing how Ryan would feel if she and Ryan were still together and arguing constantly.

Now to the good news… Maci and Kyle King are back together! They have known each other since they were kids and they had a relationship although Maci makes it sound more like a BFF deal, and when Maci met Ryan she was dunzo with Kyle. Luckily they’ve hooked back up and seem to be doing great together!

Now it’s time for the villain Ryan Edwards. Maci says Ryan wasn’t really a dad through Bentley’s first year because Ryan because he hardly woke up with Bentley in the middle of the night, played with him, or changed his diaper. Ryan is starting to man up though. He’s doing a lot more with Bentley than he used to.


Maci says she regrets not trying to there for Ryan more than she was when Bentley came instead of thinking of him as a loser and seeing herself as perfect. Ryan says he did run away from the relationship because they were arguing all the time and it was hectic. Ryan doesn’t like being on TV and says people call him an @ss because he was made out to look like the bad guy on TV. Maci put the smack down on this sh!t.

“In 16 & Pregnant, when you made me get out of the truck and check the air in your tires, MTV made you do that? When I dropped out of school because I was taking care of Bentley and you told me I was lazy as f*ck, did MTV make you say that? When you came home in the middle of the night and I had Bentley in my arms and you were throwing up because you were so drunk did MTV make you do that?”

Hahaha! Get ’em girl!

The moving incident came up and Ryan says he felt it was selfish that Maci had packed up and told him she was moving the day she was leaving town. I get it. I’d be pissed too if my baby daddy had custody of our little one and did that shiz to me.

Maci and Ryan’s relationship is definitely better now than it was when they first broke up. Hopefully they can keep things amicable for the sake of Bentley.

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