Mariah Carey: Fat Bikini Pics

Mariah Carey looks like a Jelly Clarkson in training. One of the biggest divas in history is so full of herself that she didn't recognize that she looks horrible in her bathing suit.

Mariah Carey black bathing suit pictureMariah-carey-fat-pictureMariah-carey-topless


Mariah was spotted while on the set of a photo shoot or filming music video. Whatever she was doing, she will be thinned out to perfection in the final version.

Whether Mimi's skiing or swimming, she has to show us her cleavage. But that suit does nothing for her body. It gives her a gut, reveals back fat, and the boy shorts make her look like a waddling dwarf. We rarely see MiMi bikini pictures and this may be why.

And no, I DON'T THINK SHE'S FAT, but the bikini she's in doesn't exactly make her look skinny, either. I wanna pinch her and make her hit one of her signature high notes. But I'll just settle for slapping some part of her body to see how long it jiggles.